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What is Shell on the Shttr?

Shell on the Shttr is a forward-looking web app framework built using mature, time and battle-tested technologies such as CGI and POSIX shell. This rock stable foundation is then combined with new technologies like containerization to allow for rapid deployment and unparalleled maintainability.

Installing Shttr

Shell on the Shttr is managed entirely by the Shttr CLI, which can be downloaded from the frontpage of You'll need to make sure you have certain dependencies installed on your computer prior to running Shttr CLI. Specifically, you'll need Docker and NodeJS installed. On MacOS, you'll also need GNU Find, which can be installed from MacPorts with sudo port install findutils. If you wish to use the Shttr Static Site Generator with the pd module, you'll need Pandoc installed as well. Once the dependencies are met, you'll download from, and run the following commands in your terminal:

cd ~/Downloads chmod +x sudo ./

If you downloaded to a directory other than ~/Downloads, or if you use a program other than sudo to gain elevated privileges, you'll have to adjust the commands accordingly. It's a good idea to keep around because it can be used to update ShttrCLI, though you can always download it again to update if you delete it. Now you can run shttr in your terminal. The first run will download the latest Shell on the Shttr runtime, and then you're ready to go!

Last modified: 22 March 2024